Entrance door – A designer security door, 2.20 meters tall, by prestige company Innovate, wood-coated, with a decorative wooden wing.
Apartment flooring  The apartment will be floored with tiles sized 80*80 cm, granite porcelain, in a large number of hues at the tenants’ option.
In the bedrooms – Three-layer oak parquet, 2400*180*15, over Type-B flooring in a number of hues at the tenants’ option.
An advanced VRF high-quality air conditioning system.
Interior doors – Pandoor, the unique exclusive model or equivalent, ina number of colors.
High-quality, Tobacco-type ipe decking balcony floor.
All-glass, milky glass balustrades on the balconies.
The exit windows and doors to the balconies are made of aluminum and of insulated, tempered clear glass.
Electricity, end appliances – BTICINO


Prestige designer kitchens by Bulthaup / Boffi.
Kitchen surface – Caesarstone, choice between 4 hues.
Décor kitchen covers in a wide variety of sizes and colors.
Kitchen sink, 4 types, acrylic, stainless steel, earthenware, Chef Line Silgranit.
Retractable kitchen faucet: in a variety of models to choose from, among them GESSI.


Flooring – 12 granite porcelain models in various sizes, granite porcelain wall covering in various sizes and in a large variety of models.
Concealed and hanging toilets in a number of models, among them Duravit toilet, Philip Stark model.
Acrylic bathtubs.
Bathroom cabinets
– hanging and designer cabinets in a variety of colors, including integral sink, Korean or equivalent surface and a hanging mirror.
Faucets – in a variety of models and companies: Ideal Standard, GESSI, Casanova.
Unterputz 4 throughline + showerhead – Casanova Co., the prestige series, Tiara or equivalent.
Guest toilets – Ideal Standard washbasin, 2 models.

TLV_CAM1_day v_05 (2)

The choice of the materials is contingent on the architect's decision.


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NIS 7,425,000 for

76 Sqm + 13 Sqm Balcony /818 Sqft + 140 Sqft Balcony