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Israel-based developer Hagag Group officially entered the construction phase for the Port Tel Aviv. The project features 40 exclusive luxury apartments along with a 5-star hotel. Port Tel Aviv is housed within a new architectural icon inspired by the Cubist art of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque and designed by architecture firm Ilan Pivko Architects.

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Imagine waking up to the serene views of the Mediterranean, taking a stroll through an outdoor farmer’s market by-the-sea, or indulging in a gourmet meal in one of the most celebrated culinary scenes in the world. המלון, שנמצא בשלבי בנייה, ממותג כמלון בוטיק יוקרתי והוא צפוי לשלב גם מגורים. מיקומו: ברחוב יורדי הסירה,

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משפחת דיין, שבבעלותה רשת מלונות אפריקה ישראל, רכשה מקבוצת חג'ג' את מלון Port TLV בסכום של 60 מיליון שקל בתוספת מע"מ. המלון, שנמצא בשלבי בנייה, ממותג כמלון בוטיק יוקרתי והוא צפוי לשלב גם מגורים. מיקומו: ברחוב יורדי הסירה,

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An understanding of the value and impact of media has always been a desirable trait in any commercial field, but never more so than in today’s luxury real estate business

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Jerusalem Post Israel News Port TLV Project launched in New York The event was hosted by Lee Ziv, sales and marketing vice-president for the Port-TLV project and international public relations representative Ruth Sheetrit.


An Israeli Architect on His Country’s Real Estate Boom, City Life, and Changes Brought on by Covid Ilan Pivko’s newest project, Port Tel Aviv, offers light and space amid the bustling city


Hagag Group, Israel’s leading residential developer, officially entered the construction phase for its most exciting project to date, Port Tel Aviv. Located 50 meters from the Mediterranean seafront, the project features 40 exclusive luxury apartments along with a five-star hotel.

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The Cubist-influenced design is a boutique five-star hotel and luxury residences overlooking Tel Aviv’s cosmopolitan port district. The design keys into the city’s rich cultural history as ...

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A group of leading Los Angeles Jewish business figures recently gathered in Beverly Hills to launch the Port-TLV Project, a luxury residence and hotel project at the Tel Aviv Port. Marketing Vice-President of the project Lee Ziv, came especially from Israel for the launch. The project, part of the Hagag group, is represented in the US

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Hagag Brothers Begin Construction Phase for Port Tel Aviv, a Stunning Architectural Icon Designed by Ilan Pivko Consisting of State-of-the-Art Apartments and a Five-Star Hotel

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Port TLV at Tel Aviv Port is a building the likes of which have never been seen in Israel, combining a dream vacation with luxury residence // Residents will enjoy a rare proximity to the beach and the services of a boutique hotel

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Imagine you’re a thrusting young tech entrepreneur with a bright idea for the next Uber, Tinder, Fortnite, whatever. Or you’re a coding wunderkind who fancies working at a


Ilan Pivko Architects to design Cubist-inspired modernist hotel and private residences in Tel Aviv

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Cubist residences take shape in Tel Aviv whit cubist- like art - architecture recalling Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque , Port Tel Aviv is causing a stir in the Israeli property market...

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A leading Israeli residential developer has officially entered the construction phase for ‘its most exciting project to date’, known as Port Tel Aviv.


The Israeli housing market has had a wild ride in recent years. A decade of rapid growth began in 2006, with home prices soaring about 170%—higher than any other country ...


A hub of culture and creativity with a rich and fascinating heritage, Tel Aviv boasts gorgeous beaches, a vibrant nightlife and endless opportunity for relaxation, adventure and inspiration. Touted as “The Mediterranean Capital of Cool” by The New York Times, Tel Aviv is among the most dynamic cities in


NIS 7,425,000 for

76 Sqm + 13 Sqm Balcony /818 Sqft + 140 Sqft Balcony