Description of the building

Entrance floor – includes: commercial areas, lobby for the residential apartments, palatial lobby for the hotel guests, restaurant and synagogue.
The parking lot – An electric automated parking lot which is one of the world’s most innovative parking lots, operated by means of a special car lift enabling autonomous parking of the vehicle.
Commerce – A restaurant will be operated on the commercial floor and will serve the hotel guests and the tenants.•The building’s dressing – The entire perimeter of the building will be dressed with a decorative, artistic white mantle at a high finishing level, operated electrically and manually and designed by the project architect.
Entrance lobby – A striking lobby, designed by top architect Ilan Pivko at a high finishing level.
The materials integrated into the lobby will be marble, wood, glass, mirrors and decorative lighting.


The hotel – The hotel will span an area of two hotel floors and will have the character of a boutique hotel designed by one of the renowned designers. The hotel and the residence will be managed by one of Israel’s leading management company which will maintain the project’s level.
Elevators – Separate elevators for the residence and for the hotel will be installed on the project.
Elevator cars: Will be designed by Ilan Pivko, the project’s architect. The materials to be integrated will be stainless steel and/or mirror and/or marble and/or Dekton and/or equivalent.
Floor lobbies – The lobbies are designed at a high level, with finishing according to the architect’s choice, including polished marble, wooden plate, glass, decorative plaster, and mirrors.
Gym – Equipped with the best cutting-edge equipment.
Indoor pool  – on the second floor of the building for the use of the tenants


The choice of the materials is contingent on the architect's decision.


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NIS 7,425,000 for

76 Sqm + 13 Sqm Balcony /818 Sqft + 140 Sqft Balcony